葡萄醋 – 最天然补气暖胃健康饮品

成份:进口德国特级小麦,省产特级糯米,ITALY BALSMICO 葡萄醋,冰糖,寡糖
功效与作用 : 能够减少肠内不良细菌数量,帮助益菌繁殖,抑菌清毒,健胃安胃帮助消化;消除皮肤色斑,减少肝病的发病率;软化血管,降血脂,降低胆固醇;内缓解疲劳,曾强体力,抗衰老,以及美容健体等效果。
内容量 : 750 gm ± 3%
可稀释成 50杯 (70~100 ml 的麦芽饮)
保存方式 : 放置阴凉处,如果担心发霉,请放入冰箱

Grape vinegar – the most natural qi and warm stomach health drink

Ingredients: Imported German premium wheat, provincial premium grade glutinous rice, ITALY BALSMICO grape vinegar, rock sugar, oligosaccharides

Function and usage: It can reduce the number of bad bacteria in the intestine, help to cultivate the good bacteria, inhibit the bacteria and detox, strengthen the stomach to enhance digestion; eliminate skin pigmentation, reduce the incidence of liver disease; soften blood vessels, lower blood fat, lower cholesterol; help in relieving fatigue, strong physical strength, anti-aging, for beauty care and fitness.
Content weight: 750 gm ± 3%
Can be diluted into 50 cups (70-100 ml of malt drink)
Glass jars, empty bottles can be reused
Store: Place in a cool place. If worried about mold, please put it in the refrigerator.

Manufacturing: traditional pure malt paste making method

  1. 将小麦种子置放于20度的室内,待种子发芽约5~7天的时间,采收小麦芽。
  2. 将小麦芽放入机器中绞碎。
  3. 糯米蒸熟。
  4. 小麦芽汁与蒸熟的糯米混合。
  5. 开始进行糖化滤渣与提炼。
  6. 加入葡萄醋及冰糖寡糖以开始酿制及发酵。
  7. 古法纯正的麦芽膏即完成。
  1. The wheat seeds are placed in a room of 20 degrees, and the wheat buds are harvested when the seeds had germinated for about 5 to 7 days.
  2. The wheat buds are ground in a machine.
  3. The glutinous rice is steamed.
  4. Wheat bud juice is mixed with steamed glutinous rice.
  5. Start saccharification filter residue and refining.
  6. Add in the grapes vinegar and oligo rock sugar to begin the fermentation.
  7. The ancient malt cream is finished.


将 15 ml + (50 ml~ 100 ml 冷 / (热)水 稀释后,搅拌均匀后即可饮用,浓淡可随个人喜好增减,1 天 3 次。

How to eat:

Dilute 15 ml + (50 ml ~ 100 ml cold / (hot) water, mix well and drink. The malt drink can be increased or decreased according to personal preference, 3 times a day.
Can be used to replace syrup when making dessert
Use to replace sweetener for jelly making
Serve with yogurt as flavoring enhancer
Use to cook sweet and sour food

居家护理食用法 :
去湿热咳嗽配方 : 用保温瓶 + 15 ml 金桔麦芽膏 + 15 ml 葡萄醋麦芽饮 + 200 ml 温水 , 1 天 3 次
去感染咳嗽配方 : 用保温瓶 + 15 ml 葡萄醋麦芽饮 + 15 ml 恩典酵素 + 100 ml 温水 , 1 天 3 次

For Home care remedy usage:
Cough (heaty) remedy: sim with thermos bottle 15ml kumquat malt drink + 15ml vinegar malt drink+ 200 ml warm water, consume three times daily.
Cold and flu remedy: sim with thermos 15ml vinegar malt drink + 15ml graceful enzyme + 100ml warm water, three times daily

麦芽糖小知识 :

  1. 发芽的小麦与糯米结合,自然产生甜份,因此没有加糖也会甜甜的。
  2. 麦芽糖低甜份,清甜不粘腻,是取代蔗糖的好选择。
  3. 卤味时以麦芽糖取代糖美味加分,营养满分。

Maltose Tips:

  1. The germinated wheat combines with glutinous rice to produce sweetness naturally, so it will be naturally taste sweet without any sugar added.
  2. Maltose is low in glycaemia index, sweet and not sticky, and is an excellent choice to replace sucrose.
  3. In cooking the stewing food, best to replace sugar with maltose to enhance the nutrition value.