成份 :进口德国特级小麦,省产特级糯米

大罐装内容量 :1200 gm ± 3%
大罐装 包装 : PP 5 朔料
(150 gm 的麦芽膏 )可稀释成 8 杯 1 liter 麦芽糖饮料

小罐装内容量 :280 gm ± 3%
小罐装包装 : 玻璃罐 ( 罐子洗干净可重复使用 )
(140 gm 的麦芽膏 )可稀释成 2杯 1 litter 麦芽糖饮料


保存方式 : 产品存放于阴凉干燥处,无需放入冰箱
生产与制造 : 传承百年老店古法酿造,绝不含防腐剂,人工食用色素,敬请安心食用

功能与作用 :多醣体之功能 –

  1. 抗癌,抗肿瘤及防止肿瘤细胞转移
  2. 提高非特异性免疫能力及自然防御能力
  3. 去除多余的自由基
  4. 抗辐射及紫外线及污染物质的伤害
  5. 免疫刺激剂
  6. 清肠及肠道有益微生物
  7. 降低胆固醇,降低血糖
  8. 抗老化,解毒,排毒作用
  9. 活化巨噬细胞,NK细胞,T细胞,纤维母细胞
  10. 减低酒精,咖啡因及尼古丁之毒性作用
  11. 调整血压,强化体能组织器官之功能
  12. 提高人体细胞素或干扰素之分泌
  13. 防止外科伤患并发症,加速伤口复原,保护皮肤及肌肉之物理及化学伤害

大罐装食用方法:(150 gm 的麦芽膏 )可稀释成 8 杯 1 liter 麦芽糖饮料
小罐装食用方法:(140 gm 的麦芽膏 )可稀释成 2 杯 1 litter 麦芽糖饮料

(热)水稀释后 (麦芽膏极为浓缩和纯正无添加,需要花点时间稀释),搅拌均匀后即可饮用

Ingredients: German wheat (premium grade), natural farming glutinous rice (premium grade)

Large cans Content Quantity : 1200 gm ± 3%
Large cans Packing : PP 5
(150 gm malt extract) can be diluted into 8 cups of 1 litre maltose drink

Small cans Content Quantity : 280 gm ± 3%
Small cans Packing : Glass jar (Cans can be washed and reused)
(140 gm malt extract) can be diluted into 2 cups 1 litter maltose drink

Storage method : Store in a cool dry place, no need to put in the refrigerator

Production and manufacturing : Inheriting centuries-old shop ancient brewing, no preservatives, artificial food coloring, safe to eat freely

Function and role: The function of polysaccharides –

  1. Anti-cancer, anti – tumour and prevent tumour cell metastasis
  2. Improve non-specific immunity and natural defence capabilities
  3. Remove excess free radicals
  4. Resistance to radiation and ultraviolet and pollutants
  5. Immuno-stimulant
  6. Intestinal and intestinal beneficial microorganisms
  7. Lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar
  8. Anti-aging, detoxification, detoxification
  9. Activate macrophages, NK cells, T cells, fibroblasts
  10. Reduce the toxic effects of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine
  11. Regulate blood pressure and strengthen the function of physical organs
  12. Improve the secretion of human cytokines or interferons
  13. Prevent surgical complications, accelerate wound recovery, and protect physical and chemical damage to skin and muscles

How to consume:

Large cans: (150 gm malt extract) can be diluted into 8 cups of 1 litre maltose drink
Small cans: (140 gm malt extract) can be diluted into 2 cups of 1 litre maltose drink

After (hot) water is diluted (the malt extract is extremely concentrated and purely added, it takes some time to dilute).
After mixing evenly, it is ready to drink.
The shade can be increased or decreased according to personal preference.
Can replace syrup when making jelly
Can be used as jam, can replace the sugar candy
Adding good cheese to enhance flavour
Pure Malt can be eaten directly without dilution, such as to use as biscuits or bread spread.